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At this point you know the region/location that you will visit, as well as the environmental challenges linked to your activity and you have identified ways to transform it into a more sustainable performance.

The aim at this level is to apply what you know so far, into concrete decisions and activities and to engage yourself into ethical standards.


Tailored to your needs

The exercise aims to respond to your specific needs and your organisation, based on an initial framework.


Why it can be useful to you

  • As a sport mountaineering practitioner or agency, you don't have necessarily the time or resource to find the different possibilities of the actions you would like to implement.

  • You want to combine the environmental message you would like to communicate with concrete actions during your mountain experience.


What we propose

  • Identify with you the on the ground environmental engagements you would like to apply;

  • Propose a list of options and standards to use;

  • Support you on a possible program of action;

  • Report after the expedition.


In concrete

  • Sustainability strategic plan and internal policy elaboration;

  • Communication content support;

  • Coaching/Support in monitoring sustainable activities.


Let's Work Together

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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