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Ethical & Sustainable Mountaineering

Mountain Synergies believes that Ethical and Sustainable Mountaineering is the only alternative way to preserve the spirit and values of a wonderful sport for the present and future generations, as well as the environment, economies and societies of the areas visited.


ESM combines two aspects: the moral principles and spirit of the alpinist and/or the expedition AND the environmental, economic and social regeneration principles.


© Photo credit: Daniel Hug


Inspired by the UIAA Ethics Declaration, Leave No Trace and Mountain Wilderness principles, Mountain Synergies has put together a set of Guiding Principles that you may want to follow during your next expedition:


1. the individual responsibility of each climber, knowing the risks and not endangering the others;

2. the team spirit and companionship of the group, supporting each other;

3. the community belonging, respecting any other mountaineer;

4. the respect and openness to the foreign country visited, to its people and cultures, as well to its natural environment;

5. the wisdom in case of emergencies, being well prepared in advance and accepting to sacrifice an objective to assist others in distress;

6. the modesty, valuing the quality of the experience and enjoying the performance over success, fame and competition;

7. the accountability and high standard (thoroughness) of practice of guides, leaders and expedition organisers and solo climbers;

8. the honesty in reporting any ascension, especially the first ones;

9. the professionality of communications and relations with the sponsors and community;

10. the restraint in using supplemental oxygen and technological gear, considering them first as medical assistance and security means;

11. Avoid plastic as much as possible;

12. Buy less and Reuse/Recycle;

13. Consume local & Consume sparingly (cf. water, electricity);

14. Dispose your waste appropriately & bring it back whenever possible;

15. Leave No Trace & Leave the place clean (pick up the trash of others);

16. Partner with local businesses;

17. Prefer ends of/low seasons & less popular places;

18. Travel responsibly, privilege low carbon mobility.

Would you like to adopt these guidelines and become ambassadors ?

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© Photo credit: Steve Long

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