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Base Camp Membership

Membership fee per year: 50 EUROS


What you can access

  • Access to the database of our members

  • Access to our publications

  • Access to our General Assembly

  • Vote at our General Assembly

  • 1 Online tailor-made "Grow your Knowledge" session per year


Why a session can be useful to you

  • As a mountaineering/alpinism practitioner or agency, you don't have necessarily the time to look for the information and to know about the environmental and social challenges that mountain regions you will visit face.

  • An online meeting of a few hours will clarify some information, and inspire you in your expedition activities.


What we propose in the online session

These are examples of subjects we can present you about:

  • what is responsible mountain tourism;

  • ethical standards in mountains;

  • the concepts of Restoration and Regeneration;

  • environmental situation and social challenges of the region you plan to visit;

  • local cultures and beliefs of the population you will meet; bridging Western and Eastern cultures;

  • sustainable waste management in mountain areas.


In concrete

  • An online meeting to assess your needs

  • An online session presenting the information

  • A presentation to be used

  • An interactive dialogue and constructive exchange of views


Let's Work Together

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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