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Knowledge Sharing

Mountain Synergies is acting as a platform for knowledge sharing, collecting and disseminating best practices from around the world when it comes to outdoor activities in the mountains, with a focus on mountaineering and trekking and their impact on local communities and ecosystems.


© Photo credit: Anne Arran

Our aim is to facilitate free public access to information and studies produced by research bodies and other relevant organizations with an online resource space.


We intend to bridging the gap between various organizations and initiatives active in the field of sustainable mountain development and responsible mountain tourism on one side, with mountain sport practitioners on the other side.

Thus, we hope to create synergies that facilitate direct action and transition towards more sustainable activities in the mountains.



© Photo credit: Anne Arran

Would you like to share your article, research or information with Mountain Synergies and present it on a dedicated space on this website  ? 


© Photo credit: Steve Long

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