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Sustainable Waste Management

With the rising popularity of outdoor activities in the world, high altitude and remote areas are subject nowadays to a lot of pressure on their resources and ecosystems, as well as significant pollution risks.


© Photo credit: Daniel Hug

Cold temperatures make the waste stay for a very long time and its components and chemical substances break down very slowly. Waste has not only a negative visual impact for visitors and inhabitants, but it also adds harmful pathogens in the soils and freshwater streams, with long term consequences on animals, vegetation and humans’ communities.

Due to their remoteness and lack of access, mountain areas also do not have the infrastructure to treat the waste on site and a proper management of solid waste and wastewater implies huge costs for local communities and governments.


Mountain Synergies would like to contribute to the improvement of waste management in mountain regions by focusing on the visitors and local communities, enhancing knowledge, connections and project collaborations between the stakeholders.


© Photo credit: Marion Chaygneaud-Dupuy

Would you like to get involved and support us in our work related to sustainable waste management ?


© Photo credit: Steve Long

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