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About Us

Connect ethical and environmental values with tourism practices

As mountain sport practitioners and companies we all claim we love mountains and nature. And when we go out there, we would always like to enjoy the wildness and the beauty of this environment. But do we really know “our playground” ?

It’s time to take action, to be inspiring to others, to look thoroughly around us and for meaningful partnerships. Mountain Synergies is here to support.


© Photo credit: Daniel Hug

Our Vision

to contribute towards sustainable development of mountain regions and well-being of its populations, protect and restore nature and preserve local culture, by fostering solidarity between the different actors.


Our Values

Collaborative / Positive / Inclusive / Eco-conscious / Ethical / Inspiring / Committed / Transparent

Mountain Synergies activities are guided by the following core values:


  1. Strong Commitment to environmental protection, restoration and regeneration;

  2. Participatory approach in its relationships, engagement and collaboration with others;

  3. Positivity;

  4. Transparency of its information and communication;

  5. Integrated approach, connecting ecological, economic, social and cultural aspects in our project;

  6. Decisions-making based on scientific knowledge as well as on the Indigenous wisdom and knowledge.

Our Supporters

Our future sponsors and donors are welcomed here


© Photo credit: Steve Long

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